The Studio.

Snaff Design Studio is a boutique design firm in Monterrey, Mexico founded in 2015.

We specialize in different areas of design such as branding, naming, product design, art direction, animation, iconography, illustration, editorial design, signage and web design.   


We seek to create brands that stimulate the intellect and move emotions, with a good creative process based on a strong methodology.

— The Team.




  • Logos
  • Art direction
  • Concept Development
  • Naming


  • Animation
  • Web Design
  • Bumper Logos
  • Iconography


  • Stationary
  • Brand Materials
  • Illustration
  • Editorial Design

Some of our Clients.

Udem, Grupo Alfa, Femco, Galt, Anagrama, Astrolab, Orange Investments, Hellow, Interjet, Bud Light, Le Coeur, Seasuns, Easyspot, Union Park, Kaeli, Howlers, Berenice Joyas, Pequeños Ciudadanos, Juniper, Bloom, Oddity, The Couple Experience, DosDoce Alta Arquitectura, Duramax, Instituto Somah, Hotel Hacienda 1800, La Condesa, Me.We, Zona Maco, La Tampiqueña, Wafflus, Bambai Palmika, Flor Canela.